Venetian New Year

El Cao de Ano, the Veneto New Year is called “Bati Marso” and takes place on the first day of March, instead of January 1st. It consists of going around the streets making a great racket with pots and lids to chase away the winter and the old year.


Time for relaxation and tranquility. Christmas lunches based on Musetto (similar to Cotechino) and Pandoro with an eye to the New Year.

April 25 Feast of San Marco

It is the patronal solemnity of the Venetians which is celebrated in memory of St. Mark the Evangelist. It has been a tradition since 800 AD. to offer girlfriends and wives a bud (in Venetian bócoło) of a red rose, as a sign of love.


Spectacular traditional festival of the City of Venice, with its fulcrum on the island of Giudecca, it is celebrated on the third Sunday of July each year to commemorate the end of the plague epidemic of 1575-1577.

Marriage of the sea

The City of Venice has always celebrated its marriage to the Sea (on the occasion of the Festa della Sensa, or Ascension Day) by slipping a wedding ring into the waters of the Venice Lagoon from the Mayor, and before that from the Doges.


The Carnival of the Venetian cities, and in particular of the City of Venice (dated 1296 AD), is an incomparable roundup of colors and patterns inspired by the masks of all eras, especially those of the eighteenth century.

Grape Festival

Between September and October, during the harvest period, there are great festivals dedicated to grapes and new wine everywhere.


Place of good wine, cold cuts and local cheeses especially during the summer and recognizable by a twig (branch) hanging from the entrance door at the farmers’ houses.

Sagre (country parties)

The Festivals in Veneto begin from January to December and represent a very rich calendar of tasty events and village festivals in the villages and cities of the Veneto.

Festa dei Veneti (Festival of the Venetians)

Organized in September by the Raixe Venete Association in Cittadella, it is a wide-ranging cultural event with conferences, ceremonies and concerts. Of an apolitical nature, since 2004 the Festival has enjoyed an increasingly numerous popular participation.

Venice Film Festival

Always expected and discussed. On the catwalk at the Venice Lido, all the biggest stars of world cinema meet among paparazzi and fans.

Opera and Concerts

With the magic of the Arena di Verona, the Teatro La Fenice in Venice and the Olimpico in Vicenza, there are certainly no missing opportunities.

Venice Biennale of Art

Contemporary art is at home in the City of Venice once every two years. A true “fairground” of human imagination.

Venice International Architecture Exhibition

It has been held every two years since 1980 in the regional capital, alternating with the International Art Exhibition.

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